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Terms and Conditions

We cannot reproduce images for which you have not obtained copyright clearance (where required). We accept no liability whatsoever for any breach of copyright.
All originals and reproductions remain the private property of the customer. Your images will not be displayed by us or provided to third parties.
Numbering and 'View From' side
It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that we can identify the view from side of each slide. If the view from side is not identified we will try to identify it from the image or from similar slides. CRES Ltd will not rescan images that have not been clearly marked.
If you want your slides/photos/negatives in order you must number them for us. If they are not numbered we will make every attempt to keep them in the order they are in on receipt, however CRES Ltd will not rescan images that have not been clearly numbered.
Completion of Work
Our aim is to complete your order within 10 to 15 days of receipt, this may change dependant on the current workload and seasonal variations. If we have any delays we will inform you of them and give you an expected completion date.
We will send your processed order and return your original slides or negatives back to you via Swiss Post. CRES Ltd cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss incurred whilst your images are in transit.
All DVD’s including copies are viewed prior to dispatch to ensure perfect quality. If for any reason there is a technical fault with your DVD or we did not carry out your instructions properly we will replace it and any copies free of charge. We can not be held responsible for damaged or mishandled discs. We do not provide refunds once the DVD has been posted to you, we will replace or correct any technical fault or where we have not carried out your instructions properly.
We cannot guarantee that a DVD of your images will work in your DVD player. Please contact the manufacturer or refer to the DVD player’s manual. CRES Ltd cannot be held responsible for any incompatibility issues.
We Reserve the Right to Refuse Work
CRES Ltd reserve the right to refuse work that involves images that may already be copyrighted material, or for any other reason, specified or otherwise, at our discretion.
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